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Coin Flurry and Jumbo Production Sensory Control by Bob Elliott

The Coin Flurry is a sequence of vanishes and productions put together in a magical way the same way musicians improvise music. Sometimes you make it longer, sometimes you make it shorter, but the important thing is to have a good way to get into it and a good way to come out of it. This isn’t one of those knuckle-busting sequences. It’s a practical and powerfully structured workhorse.

The Jumbo coin ending, inspired by David Roth, is the perfect end to any Coin Flurry.

I wish you could’ve seen Bob Elliott perform Sensory Control. It used to be one of his favorite effects and in his hands it wasn’t the vanish of a Jumbo Coin; it was about genuinely affecting the real time perceptions of a person. Bob was a people person and this effect was an excuse for Bob to break into someone’s personal space so he can experience the effect on a deeper level.

The beautiful part is how perfectly the concept and procedures make the vanish of a Jumbo Coin work without any weird body turns, without sleeves or any devices other than an understanding of how to turn a ‘move’ into an interactive human experience!

Of course you know I’m going to review all that with SuperPractice close-up shots as well as the deeper thinking about why it all works the way it does in the Real Secrets segment.

From ETM Money Miracles Vol. 2.

Michael Ammar

Michael has been teaching magic for 30 years. Mentored by The Professor, Dai Vernon, Michael began lecturing worldwide back in the early 80's. Since then he has been honored with six magician of the year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts and has been featured on The Tonight Show and David Letterman. His "Easy to Master Card Miracles" are the best-selling magic videos in the world.

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    Video: Coin Flurry / Jumbo Production / Sensory Control

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