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Factory Misprints - JC Wagner

The video probably doesn’t do this effect justice, because in real life, Factory Misprints looks like trick photography. This requires a set of gimmicked cards that came with the original DVD, but which we no longer supply with these instructions. It uses a combination of blank and double faced cards, which could possibly be gathered from other places. But fair warning - this requires special cards most people will not have on hand.

Otherwise… hey, it’s JC Wagner… so it’s a thing ‘o beauty!

First appeared in ETM Card Miracles 4

Michael Ammar

Michael has been teaching magic for 30 years. Mentored by The Professor, Dai Vernon, Michael began lecturing worldwide back in the early 80's. Since then he has been honored with six magician of the year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts and has been featured on The Tonight Show and David Letterman. His "Easy to Master Card Miracles" are the best-selling magic videos in the world.

Course curriculum

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    Factory Misprints - instructional video

    • Factory Misprints - explained