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Impossible - Larry Jennings

Card on Forehead 

Triple Coincidence - John Scarne

Impossible is one of those Larry Jennings effects I would never be able to figure out how it was done. The only way I might possibly come up with something like this would be for me to have a life sentence in solitary confinement, with only decks of cards to amuse myself.

Card on Forehead is one of those classic effects that needs the right misdirection to pull off. The audience in this particular video had been watching card magic all morning, including several ‘closing level’ routines, so by the time we came to this effect, it just came across as a cute interlude. But when it is done in the right time and place, this effect can make a powerful impression!

Triple Coincidence is the creation of one of the godfathers of card magic… John Scarne. Using any 2 decks, you and a spectator create an impossible triple coincidence between each other.

From ETM Card Miracles Vol. 6

Michael Ammar

Michael has been teaching magic for 30 years. Mentored by The Professor, Dai Vernon, Michael began lecturing worldwide back in the early 80's. Since then he has been honored with six magician of the year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts and has been featured on The Tonight Show and David Letterman. His "Easy to Master Card Miracles" are the best-selling magic videos in the world.

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    Impossible / Card on Forehead / Triple Coincidence - revealed

    • Impossible / Card on Forehead / Triple Coincidence Explained