Course Description

Jazz Aces by Darwin Ortiz and Peter Kane

Card In Wallet by Gary Plants and Michael Ammar

Color Changing Deck by Dai Vernon

Several magicians have told me Jazz Aces is their number one go-to card effect for strolling or impromptu magic. What makes it such a showcase effect is the clarity and simplicity of the whole approach to Jazz Aces. Plus, the increasing impossibility of repeating the effect builds in a very theatrical way.

Beginning with this demonstration of seemingly impossible sleight-of-hand, this set of 3 routines is structured to progressively increase in impossibility.

The second routine is one of the most logical Card to Wallet routines you’ll ever see. Gary Plants and I worked this out together and I think you’ll really like the direct, common sense approach to this classic effect.

As a closer I feature the Color Changing Deck routine put together by the master himself, Dai Vernon.

People often referred to The Vernon Touch, because his material was always so well thought out; the direct handling, the logical procedures, the natural approach and the power of the magic itself became a recognizable style. When you watch this routine, you will see The Vernon Touch in action. It’s a routine which is thought all the way through, from beginning to end; and even though impossible things are happening, it all makes sense in a magical sort of way!

You’ll see the Performance, the Explanation, the over-the-shoulder SuperPractice Sessions, and I’ll reveal the Real Secret to the power of each effect.

From Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 3.

Michael Ammar

Michael has been teaching magic for 30 years. Mentored by The Professor, Dai Vernon, Michael began lecturing worldwide back in the early 80's. Since then he has been honored with six magician of the year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts and has been featured on The Tonight Show and David Letterman. His "Easy to Master Card Miracles" are the best-selling magic videos in the world.

Course curriculum

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    Jazz Aces / Card in Wallet / Color Changing Deck - taught

    • Jazz Aces / Card in Wallet / Color Changing Deck - explained